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  1. Hello, This is an odd one. I load Windows 10 Pro VLK out of the box on my Dell E5450. I enter audit mode and make some minor UI changes(Background etc)then I set the skiprearm regkey and then finally sysprep with an Uninstall.xml file that has the copy profile flag set as YES. This will copy my changes to the default profile. When the laptop shuts down I restart the laptop into Audit mode again except this time I set the skiprearm and then upload the WIM to SCCM. No issues. I did this with WIndows 7 and it worked great. I can pull the W10 image back down to the laptop no problem. Now whe
  2. Hi, Running CM2012R2. We have a few packages that we deploy to All Workstation Clients device collection. For most of our users Software Center works just fine. For a few users here and there the Software Center comes up empty. Any ideas why?
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