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Planning sites and hierarchy with more than 150 000 clients

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Not commercial issue, laboratory work


One large enterprise nationwide. Forest (root domain), which includes about 80 sub-domains. Each domain is a separate branch of the company located in a particular region of the country. In each domain, an average of 2,000 workstations (+ \ - 1000). In forest about 146,000 workstations. Each domain (region) have a system administrator (domain administrator). Clients: Windows XP \ Vista \ 7, Windows 2003 \ 2008. The network is set up on the basis of the star, where the center is the root domain and the administrator of the enterprise. The channels between the root domain and subdomains of 1 Mbit \ s to 10 Mbit \ s.

SCCM is required to implement in order to fulfill the Inventory hardware and software, automated deployment and software updates, deployment of Windows operating systems. Each domain administrator must administer only clients in their region.

Offer in the central office (the root domain) deploy CAS and 2 primary site, for extending the limit of the number of clients to 300 000 (i think that 150 000 with 1 primary site - to few). In each region (subdomains) deploy one the secondary site (up to 10 000 clients).

Is this right solution?

As far as it is in the rule of minimizing the number of primary sites?

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If the forest contains not more than 140,000 clients windows (less than limit of one primary site), and this number will not grow next 5-10 years. Does it make sense to use the scheme from 1 primary site and a plurality of secondary sites without CAS?



To GarthMJ

Big thanks. I just started to learn this technology and based on the data, from Technet. First I want to understand the architectural features.

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