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Can a query override direct membership?

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Hi all -


I'm trying to tidy up collection membership on our 2007 box in prep to update to 2012 (and hopefully beyond when we can ASAP)

Currently, we have a lot of direct membership in place, which I am trying to tidy up with query-based membership instead, based on application/ application version/ IP range.




I am wondering if a method to deal with initial install would be possible...


Basic Idea -


Add the PC in question to the collection via direct membership to receive the install package/TS/etc


But a rule is also in place to not allow membership if it has that package. Therefore once it is installed, the query would prompt the removal of that PC after the install due to 'Hey, you now have application 47, you cannot be a member of this group' - Another collection with a rule in place saying 'Application 47 required for membership' would then be used to keep track of what machines have it installed, allowing me to set up install collections and monitoring collections with minimal outside influence.


Is this possible? I have various bits implying direct membership always overides queries, but want to check with those here who probably know whether that is true or not.

Or is there a better method to trigger removal from a collection after the TS/program has run.


Thank you for any and all insight (hope I've worded my question correctly!)

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