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Report Builder 3.0 - Linking results to reports

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I've recently created a report to find Anti-Virus software that is missing from computers on the network. The workflow is as follows:


Main Report: (Attached Image 1)


Lists 3 collections and their member count - All Devices, Devices WITH anti-virus installed, Devices missing anti-virus




All Devices with anti-virus installed - which includes net bios name, installed product name, and product version

Devices missing anti-virus - Shows the host name of the devices in the collection (Attached Image 2)




I was able to link the Collection Name results from the main report to the 'devices missing a/v' report. However, all 3 results from the main report are linked to that one report. Is there a way for me to specify each result to a different report? I would like the devices WITH a/v to go to the other sub report that shows all devices with a/v, and the devices without a/v to go to the devices without a/v report.





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Yes it is possible but it is not a simple task. in a nutshell you need to use the IIF functions and based on the value that is selected select a different report name.


BTW, I will also tell you to stop using RB 3.0 and instead use BIDS or SSDT-BI, as BIDS and SSDT-BI have more features than RB 3.0.

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