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Stop Windows Process then Copy files

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I'm new here so Hello!


Need some help with copying files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop\ but before I do that I need to kill a process.


Soooo I created a batch file:

REM Check if a file exists? If not then install the new version, if it does then exit.
if exist "c:\program files (x86)\Desktop\New_Version.flag"  goto :EXIT
ELSE goto :RUN
taskkill /im Desktop.exe
echo DesktopInfo.exe was killed
xcopy /s \\Domain.net\sccm$\Source\Desktop_R3\*.* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop\" /Y
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop\Desktop.exe"

I then created a package and pushed it out but it fails, I was about to start going through the logs but I thought I'd ask here if I was actually doing this correctly as I'm totaly new to SCCM.


Any help would be awesome.



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You can use the PS App Deploy Toolkit to do this (http://psappdeploytoolkit.com/). It will not only kill the process but stop it from relaunching while the copy is happening. The only issue I can see is the relaunching of the application when its finished, I have never tried to do that personally but im sure it can be done.


I would create this as an application instead of a package with the detection method being the new file, that way it will only run on machines that it needs to run on.

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Your using a unc path. Sccm packages cannot access these unless you add a line before mapping the location. Try this in your script....


Net use \\Domain.net\sccm$\Source\Desktop_R3

xcopy /s \\Domain.net\sccm$\Source\Desktop_R3\*.* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop\" /Y


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