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I Need to apply a User GPO to only specific users in an OU

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I've created a User GPO to map a drive for users in a SUB-OU who need it. The GPO is linked to the user SUB-OU for the department in question. There are about 50 users in that SUB-OU and I only need the GPO to apply to about ten of them. I created a Global Security group with only those ten users and added it to Security Filtering for the GPO thinking that would work.


However the GPO refuses to apply unless I leave Authenticated Users in Security Filtering. (Authenticated Users is now required for applying User GPO's). In this scenario, the mapping then applies to ALL users in the linked SUB-OU and not simple to the ten users in the security group that I created.


How do I get the GPO to apply to the SUB-OU but still only set the mapping for the few users who need it? I don't want to make another SUB-OU just to accommodate drive mapping for these users since this is a process that will have broader implications for other department.

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Go back and apply your security group and remove authenticated users as you had previously. Now go to the Delegation tab and add Domain Computers to the tab and give it Read permissions. This should resolve your issue.

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