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Is Get-CMalert broken, or am I misunderstanding something?

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I could find approximately nothing with Google, other than the standard documentation, which is either wrong, or I'm completely misunderstanding.


From its own help:

    Gets Configuration Manager alerts.

    Example 1: Get all alerts

    PS C:\> Get-CMAlert

Except it doesn't. It misses a ton of them. On our new 1606 site, it returns only 17 of 28 alerts, and none of the ones I'm actually interested in (SCEP alerts). In another forest with 2012 R2 + CU3, it returns 186 of 192. Better, but still not all.




Are certain things, e.g. SCEP alerts, not considered "Configuration Manager alerts" or something, even though they show up in Config Manager's alerts workspace?

If that's the case, anyone know how to determine what type of alerts those are, and how to interact with them?

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well I think it's broken, I've submitted a bug on Connect, please vote it up or comment on it too if you want, Microsoft will fix this






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