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Guide: Installing Active Directory Certificate Services

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This guide WILL give you a basic run down of howto setup a Trusted Certificate Server in your LAB Environment.

This guide will NOT provide specific information outside of the sample data on management of the certificates.

This guide assumes that you have first setup Windows Server2008 and configured it for Active Directory.

In a productionenvironment please consult Technet for best practices, see below links:

Active DirectoryCertificate Services Overview (AD CS Win2008+)

CertificateServices Overview

CertificateServers Best Practices: Public Key

Installation of Active DirectoryCertificate Services:

Log onto your Domain controller you wish touse as a CA


Start "Server Manager"





Select "Add Role"





Click Next





Select "Active Director Certificate Services" Click Next





Select "Certification Authority", "Certification Authority Web Enrolment" and "Certificate Enrolment Policy Web Service" Click Next





Select Enterprise and Click Next





Select "Root CA" and click Next




Select "Create a new Private Key" and Click Next





Leave as Defaults (or above settings) and Click Next





Configure your CA name as you see fit, Keep in mind that this is the "name" users will see when registering against this Certificate Authority Store.


Click Next




Select your time for the certificates to be valid (default is 5years) and Click Next





Click Next





Select Windows Integrated Authentication and Click Next





Select Choose and Assign a Certificate for SSL Later and Click Next





Click Install





installing ........





Click Close


Finished PART 1




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yeah now i think of it that was on an r2 DC.....the roles handle the same mostly, just the friendly name in the selections have changed....


will confirm next week....


let us know if you have difficulties, we're all happy to assist

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