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  1. Nice to see some recognition for your work Niall
  2. Edit: for unattended.xml, etc only. is your image the same for all clients? software etc.... you could just not use the VLK key, then build a batchfile to load on first boot to windows with a series of choices.. press 1 for abc, press 2 for def, etc ... then the corresponding batchfile runs, kicks a bunch of customization scripts etc. little complex but would work... i did for a project once, worked well....but is tedious to build
  3. this can be done MANY ways. i have built this using lpksetup as per http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744278(WS.10).aspx or in the TS when specifying the unattended file, we use a query against the client IP address and then apply the correct apply windows settings and a customized unattended.xml per country... this worked well.
  4. i did the same thing for a VDI client at my last company.... checkout halfway down the post here http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2855-build-and-capture-windows-7-enterprise-for-vdi/ for something very similar... we just put a batch file with a bunch of stuff.... .and a simple pause command....once completed, press space bar to continue the TS.... i also have a wsus update script included there, but its not provided... just referenced.... its easy to find one online to automate it though
  5. yes it will work. its more to do with windows than sccm. sccm is just the method to apply. that post has various options on how to apply
  6. Its a shame you've decided to move on, but to be honest, i understand your pain, it isn't easy to figure out this product but i can say, give it some time, spend an hour running through it every week. You say you want this thread removed, i'll say now i feel this is a valuable thread in terms of internet knowledge. it didn't help you admittedly but did and does show a sampling of the "un-initiated"s experiences, and they are unfortunately all to common. Whilst i get your frustration in not being answered, let me put my 2 cents in: follow this to find out how to access the SMSTS.log
  7. dependent on the printer, yes you can, if it is an installer, run the silent installer or extract it and load the drivers this way.... include these drivers in your driver pack and bobs your uncle you can also deploy this style "software" via GPO i though, so maybe an option also.
  8. Sorry guys, i've changed jobs to a significantly different business path, i'll try and get a working deploy TS to you all asap but zero guarantee...
  9. make sure you set the permissions from the root of the source directory. replace ALL the permissions on files, folders and subdirectories and select to replace and inherit on subdirectories... try that.... *source directory e.g. d:¥applications¥ then if your DP's are on separate servers you'll need to re-acl these as well..
  10. from memory, this key can be created automatically with one of the later ms updates (without office being installed)....try using a nested key specific to an office app... like word or the registered users name... a thought anyway...
  11. are they customized per machine? is there any reason you cant just create a package with the ini file and run something like a batch file from here http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2758-how-can-i-copy-files-from-a-package/ ? we generally pickup a series of cfg and ini files via a network share this same way....
  12. Hi Martin, yes it's possible to delegate a semblance of access, but you would need to do a detailed design prior. if this is th way, I have deployed a similar setup to an organization with much the same reasoning. They required centralized reporting however the costs for toolsets and licensing were borne by the BU's. We created a primary site for each BU hosted on a VM in the datacenter and then only gave the enterprise admins rights to all primary sites. reporting setups and cofigs become a nightmare though so keep that in mind for any custom reports you may build. other
  13. Welcome, difficult question..... the laptops are a concern but not a huge concern to be honest. also, the number of clients and DP, are relative to the size of the sites involved. we work with every site with 50 devices or more has a DP, and every country has a MP (basic setup, things get complicated real quick) DirectAccess is a series of configurations hooked into group policy.... yes those pc's will be manageable however this is really dependant on your configuration and its firewall settings (if using UAG its possible) i need t dig out sizing guides, will try and gra
  14. New Job, now no longer in Infrastructure IT.... YAY...now its back to being a hobby :D

  15. Yup, as anyweb says, just right click the TS, select properties. select your boot image.
  16. put the use toolkit package before the Install roles and features. select your MDT Package.
  17. have you got the run package for MDT set before you try and run this? keeping in mind that if the TS reboots the server you need to load the package again ...maybe even do a gather....
  18. yes, only thing i have found subcollections for so far is for patching thursdays.... but even then its debatable
  19. when your creating the VM, select custom vm, then select windows xp or linux, it should then give you the option for IDE.... alternatively, http://www.seopher.com/articles/configuring_vmware_for_ide_rather_than_scsi_good_for_installing_linux_ ignore the OS info etc, that is just to suggest the best "profile" to use....
  20. mmm...i've often wondered this but never managed to get around to trying it. We generally just use the method you described. We have a BIT different take on it also as we used a GPO on the OU to add it to standard LOB applications for the Site. let us know if which way you'll head as i'd be curious to see how you go about it.
  21. Sorry, just to clarify, you want to just use MDT/WDS for litetouch or do you want to use SCCM? Ignoring all the problems upto now...So we understand you current state. SCCM Server with MDT and WDS installed - Enabled PXE Role - Tested Boot to SCCM BOOT.WIM successfully. - Without SCCM PXE - Booting WDS produces access violation error. general grasp?
  22. 4005 is generally a permissions error. I'd confirm the permissions are correct on your smp share and your usmt packages to start with :-)
  23. On the SCCM Side, You can follow this guide to extend the schema For the rest, we have used SCCM and VMware clusters alot and find very few issues with them once you get teething issues out of the way, this includes things like vlan's/trunking etc. it can be a pain especially if your using the newer Nexus V1000 vSwitch for vSphere.. basic things i assume you'll sort out when thinking logically about it.... We separate our SCCM Central Servers from DP's as this is going to cause you alot of traffic, for our first deployment we have a couple of DP's sitting beside our SCCM Provider to
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