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How to handle client compliance issues/errors

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Hi there,

Recently we upgraded from SCCM 2012 to 1606 Current Branch.

Most clients are updated successfully.

I have some of them that are Failed.

As show here:


However, when I look at the details, it's hard to understand why.

The correct client version should be: 5.00.8412.1307

In this screenshot you can see some clients that have the Failed status.

Client Version Reported From DDR has the correct version.

Client Version Reported From FSP/MP has the wrong ersion.


Many of the clients in that list both have wrong version and all of them have a different reason for the failure.

Some of those are:

  • 0x80072ee7,Unknown Error (-2147012889) - Failed to download file over WINHTTP at address.

0x80004005,Unspecified error - Invalid ccmsetup command line.

0x80200065,Unknown Error (-2145386395) - Failed to download files through BITS at address.

0x80004005,Unspecified error - Failed to find an available source.

0x00000000,Success - Cannot install prerequisite file

0x00000000,Success - Failed to find an available source.

And so on...

How to tackle these issues?

What is your experience with client upgrades?

I don't use Client Push...

I've let CM deploy the new version automatically after the upgrade.

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