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Understanding ADR, Maintenace Windows, Installations & Reboots

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I have the following set up

  • ADR - run every (Wednesday - i.e. N)
    • software available time - 1 day after rule is run (Thur - i.e. N+1)
    • installation deadline - 1 week after software available time (Thur - i.e. N+8)
      • Deadline behavior - allow software update installation outside maintenance window; do not suppress system restart
  • Maintenance Window - every Sunday (i.e. N+4)



As you can see, software updates are made available on Thur - but the deadline is only 1 week later.

Within this 1 week (Thur to next Thur), there is a maintenance window on Sunday (during which deadline has not yet reached).


Will clients still install updates during this maintenance window, despite deadline not having reached yet?


Also, from Thur-Thur (i.e. before deadline), will / can clients automatically install updates outside the maintenance window?

I want clients to be able to

  • install updates outside the maintenance window automatically
  • do not reboot outside maintenance window
  • during maintenance window - feel free to reboot/install

So will / can clients install required software updates before deadline, outside of maintenance window?




Alternatively, I could set deadline == software available date, and allow 'software update installation' outside of maintenance window (under deadline behavior)

So clients definitely install required software updates outside the maintenance window.


But once the software updates are installed, when will the client reboot?

Immediately after software updates are installed? (since deadline has passed)

Or during maintenance window only?


If I want clients to reboot only during maintenance window (despite the deadline is over) - do I select 'suppress system restart' checkbox?

But will this also suppress system restart during maintenance window?


Thank you.

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