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In my Unattend.xml (attached) I specified to skip any OOBE, yet I am still prompted with the Windows 10 "Let's Get Connected" screen during OSD? Is there something I can pass directly in the task sequence to avoid this page? I have previously used the Apply Network Settings task sequence step, however, this didn't work with the variety of computer systems. Using "Join Domain or Workgroup" works perfectly, but it only works after the Setup Windows and Config Manager step.

Any suggestions?




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solution didn't work

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13 hours ago, keilamym said:

you created the package, and added it to the Apply Operating System task. "Use and unattended etc." check box?

Yes. Sorry for the delay. I found my issue out. I didn't specify to SkipMachineOOBE, once I turned that on, everything is working properly. Thanks for the response.

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