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Report to find any old packaged/applications using my domain credentials

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Good Morning All,

The guys in my systems team at work have found that my Domain Credentials are coming up on PC's all over the site with Explicit login attempts.

Im guessing its due to a Package or Deployment thats using my explicit logins instead of a SYSTEM account.


If there a report to run somewhere which could narrow this down.

I do not ever Manually enter my own credetials in anything for security reasons of course, but id like to check in case its buried in SCCM somewhere and ive forgotten to remove them.


Any Assitance with this would be greatly appreciated.



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Neither application nor packages, will use your credentials, therefore there is no point in looking at this. At best it could be related to Network access account but that would be used for all deployments not just some.

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Cheers for the Reply @GarthMJ and @keilamym


It feels like im on a wild goose chase at the moment......

I Cant see in any of my task sequences where there is even a box to enter my domain credentials.

The Domain join steps are using the JoinAccount which i beleive is best practise.

and the SCCM Client push is using its own dedicated account also..........


Strange, even for SCCM it feels strange.....:D



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Turns out my domain credentials where "baked" into the old captured Windows10 image i had been deploying even though i had used a windows user profiles to remove this profile correctly and rebooted the PC before i captures the image.

I only use local admin account and workgroup before capturing win10 now.


Cheers everyone for your help anyway.

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