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Deploying OS to Device with Unified Write Filter

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Hi guys,

I am having an issue deploying a "Required" Task Sequence to our Thin Devices. The devices in question are HP T630's and they have a Unified Write Filter.

I am trying to rebuild them using a task sequence which is set to required. The collection where the device resides has a maintenance window set and the deployment has the "Commit changes at deadline or during a maintenance window (requires restarts)" checked.

When the maintenance window starts, the device will start a countdown and reboot and go into maintenance mode so the UWF gets disabled, but then nothing happens.  If I login with a local admin account and start software center, i can see the Operating System that I am attempting to deploy but it says available rather than required.  After a period of time the device will reboot itself again and go back into production mode.

If i boot the device off standalone media the task sequence starts immediately which makes me think its something with the config manager client on the device

Any help would be appreciated as I am at a bit of a loss.

thanks, James

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