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Imaging HP 600 G3

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I am trying to get the image for hp 600 G3 to image from SCCM 2012 r2. I have inserted the drivers that HP said to install for sccm.

when the I press F12 the computer will pxe and get an ip. then it goes to preparing the network and then goes to a blank screen and after a couple of minutes will reboot.

I know I am missing something -- I am new to sccm and trying to figure these issues out.


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It's definitely NIC drivers.

There are three drivers in play here. PXE just works as it's embedded in the PXE controller on the PC.

Next level is Windows PE - which is where you are failing. You need to import the appropriate NIC driver (x86 or x64) and update the boot images.

Whilst looking at the boot image, ensure the command prompt is enabled WinPE. In the part where it's preparing the network you can press F8 to get a command prompt up. If this doesn't happen, in the properties of the boot image you are using go to the customisation tab and tick the "enable command support" option.

Last level is the Windows NIC driver. This needs imported as well to match the OS. If that isn't done the build will fail later on, normally when joining the domain.

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