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Windows 7 and Bitlocker

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I have come across an issue with building a Windows 7 through a task sequence. The task sequence was created by integrated MDT within SCCM2012.
This was working fine until this week. Now when I build a machine, it goes through the build OK, until it comes to encrypting the C:. It will fully encrypt the drive, and then re-boot. Once re-booted the  task sequence should carry on and encrypt the D:, but this doesn't happen. Once  the machine re-boots, it states the configuration has changed, since bit-locker was enabled, and we need to put in a recovery key. 
Once we put in the recovery key, the task sequence will continue where it had left off, and encrypt the D:, and complete the task sequence successfully.

There has been no changes in the task sequence, which has got me scratching my head. There is not a lot on the forums about this, and was wondering if anyone else had come up against this, and if so, was you able to correct it?

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