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Upgrade SCCM 1610 to 1706 with ADK 1607 and MDT 8443

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Looking to upgrade current SCCM environment from 1610 and skip over 1702 going directly to 1706.

Current Configuration Below
SCCM Current Branch 1610
ADK 1607
MDT 8443
Actively Deploying Windows 10 1607 and light Testing with Windows 10 1703 deployments.

Looking at current support docs it looks like ADK 1607 is not compatible with SCCM Current Branch 1706.
However, it is recommended that if you are actively deploying Windows 10 1607 via OSD that you stay on ADK 1607.

Trying to determine what are the best steps to upgrading without breaking the OSD/Task Sequences environment. 

1.   Should I only upgrade the environment to SCCM 1702 Current Branch and stay on ADK 1607 till our Client team(handles OSD) is comfortable moving to Windows 1703 Deployments?
      The article above says SCCM CB 1702 is backwards compatible for ADK 1607.

2.   Or is it recommended, even though we are still actively deploying Windows 10 1607 for Prod, to upgrade the ADK to 1703 and then move to SCCM CB 1706?
       Trying to better understand, if the recommendation is to stay on ADK 1607 if you are actively deploying Windows 10 1607 in your environment, what are potential risks in upgrading to ADK 1703.

3.  Final concern to list here is the what are the risks in upgrading to the either SCCM CB 1702 or 1706 as it relates to MDT 8443.
      What has the potential in breaking?

Any info would greatly be appreciated.  Just want to move forward with a better educated decision.  I have been reading articles and going through forums to confirm potential risks but looking for a little advice based in the current environment setup. 

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hi we are deploying Windows 10 v 1607 (and v1703) just fine with ADK 1703, don't be afraid to move to the new versions, there's lot of benefits :)

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