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Client installed but no connection to server nor SoftwareCenter

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I have the following failure. We install the SCCM-Client as Pushinstallation/manual installation, some of the installations works, but the most of them just crashs without a real error code.

While we install we get the following "red" messages in the ccmsetup.log:


Failed to receive HTTP response. (Error at WinHttpReceiveResponse: 0x80072f78)    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
WinHttpRequestReponse failed with a non-recoverable failure, 0x80072f78    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
GetDPLocations failed with error 0x80072f78    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP 'sccm-01.domain.com'. Error 0x80072f78    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
Failed to find DP locations from MP 'sccm-01.domain.com' with error 0x80072f78, status code 200. Check next MP.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
Only one MP sccm-01.domain.com is specified. Use it.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)
Have already tried all MPs. Couldn't find DP locations.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874)

After that the installation starts (GET 'HTTP://sccm-01.domain.com/CCM_Client/ccmsetup.cab'    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:44    2164 (0x0874))


File 'C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\WindowsFirewallConfigurationProvider.msi' does not exist. Discovery failed.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:38:45    2164 (0x0874)


MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: SmsGenerateFailureMIF.     ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:39:15    2164 (0x0874)

MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: GenerateScript. Skriptoperationen werden generiert für Aktion:    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:39:15    2164 (0x0874)
MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: SmsGenerateSuccessMIF.     ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:39:15    2164 (0x0874)


MSI: Warnung 25702. Failed to uninstall PrepDrvr.Sys for Software Metering Agent.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:39:29    2164 (0x0874)

Last information of the ccmsetup.log ->
<ClientDeploymentMessage ErrorCode="0"><Client Baseline="1" BaselineCookie="" Platform="2" Langs="LP1031"/><Packages><Package ID="{22D00A83-1685-43CF-A3E2-C3E38C3F8CF1}"/></Packages><Additional><SourceType Value="MP"/><SourceLocation Value="HTTP://sccm-01.domain.com/CCM_Client"/><DeploymentMethod Value="1"/></Additional></ClientDeploymentMessage>    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:26    2164 (0x0874)
Raised pending client deployment state message.    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:26    2164 (0x0874)
Successfully deleted the ccmsetup service    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:31    2164 (0x0874)
Deleted file C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.xml    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:31    2000 (0x07D0)
Task 'Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task' does not exist    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:31    2000 (0x07D0)
CcmSetup is exiting with return code 0    ccmsetup    20.10.2017 09:40:31    2000 (0x07D0)


The Quoted part are the red messages.
We extended our AD-Schema, the Boundarie is set, the FallBackBoundarie is set to sccm-01.domain.com.
The Client doesnt creat a shortcut under start, when I start the Configuration Manager under controll, I see a deactivated "CCM-Notifaction-Agent", the other components are installed.

I hope someone got a good advice for me..

Greets, Mishuri


*Edit: I probably find the error/a log entry. In ClientIDManagerStartup i get the following error:


[RegTask] - Client is not registered. Sending registration request for GUID:D3240632-E7C2-4C46-B165-4B99CEF3838B ...    ClientIDManagerStartup    20.10.2017 10:34:39    11420 (0x2C9C)
RegTask: Failed to send registration request message. Error: 0x87d00231    ClientIDManagerStartup    20.10.2017 10:34:39    11420 (0x2C9C)
RegTask: Failed to send registration request. Error: 0x87d00231    ClientIDManagerStartup    20.10.2017 10:34:39    11420 (0x2C9C)

To test if the firewall is blocking something, we opened the traffic between our clients and the sccm on any Ports. (Failure/Error still up:( )

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