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mbam question?

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Hi Gang,

got couple of q's on mbam setup 

1. mbam is already setup and integrated with sccm.
if we need to upgrade it to latest version 2.5 sp1 or create a fresh setup, does sccm integration part need to be done or just leave it and old integration will do just fine>

2. this is more like an audit point of view so please corret if i am wrong.
normally if mbam is integrated with sccm and a machinnes get disabled/deleted then that machine info disappeared from the sccm side which is fine but lets say few months down the line we have auditors on site and trying to find if XXX machine which get disappeared/stolen was Encrypted or not? since its not in system anymore and most likely sccm wont have the record.

what i am thinking is "please correct me if i am wrong" setup standalone mbam and still integrate with sccm.
wondering if someone can make it clear to me please.


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