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Upgrading to Office 2016 Pro



I work in a university and we have to upgrade all of our classrooms and labs from office 2013 to office 2016.

I tired a couple of different ways to do it.

One was removing  previous versions of office through the Microsoft Office Customization Tool which removes most of the office applications but not all.  When you go to the start menu it shows Microsoft Office 2013 with the remaining products that were not  uninstalled and office 2016 which will be confusing to the end user.  Open office 2016 (Word, Excel, PP, Outlook, etc.)  works fine but we also have word perfect installed on there so the first time you open one of the office applications it asks do you want office to be the default program.  Is there a way via script or registry key I can make it default so the end user will not be prompted?  Another question is there a way to remove the remaining office  2013 office programs?


The second way i tried it was to use the office scrubb script to remove the office first then install 2016 which removes all of the previous version of office however when you open one of the applications in office 2016 it says please waiting to configure office which can take 5 mins and then it requires a reboot to complete.  After the reboot when opening one of the office applications it shows configuring office which is about another 5 mins then it opens asking if you want it as the default program you say ok and it works fine.  This will be very confusing and too many steps for the end user. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to push this out to 150 computers and I don't want to have to log into each one to do the initial setup when running office first which defeats the whole purpose of SCCM if i have to do so.

Thank you,






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