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Adam Bise

WQL version less than string

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I want to create a collection using WQL to include computers with PC Bios SMBIOS BIOS Version "less than" 2.18.6.

Problem is the version is a string and the less than operator uses sort order for strings so I wind up with machines with BIOS version 2.5.9 being GREATER than 2.18.6

I did find this post https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/aacdcbda-6d14-4adb-b032-c9034d975403/querying-for-version-number-baseline?forum=configmanagergeneral

My question is, would this be the best approach?  Is there a simpler regex query I could use to achieve the same result?


Thank you

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The better option is to use the ReleaseDate property, which is a datetime value.

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