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I'm using a UDI\MDT taskseqence and encoding the OSDJoinaccount  . I enclosed a  a sample Custom.ini with dummy password ;) I'm also  using a VB script to decode placing the decode script before configure but getting a domain join error  if any sees what i might be doing wrong . Apply Network setting is Joining a workgroup just above that  but this seems normal because the Domain join is being controlled by the MDT\UDI variables . The Goal is  the obfuscation of the OSDdomainjoin password in Codebase64 then decode it to clear text just before its Configured. I'm getting a domain join error at the end which telling me is drivers this on a VM which i don't think is because i have built to servers with no problem in Hydration. ;) So i think I'm missing something possibly in the  Decode script when I'm calling ZTIutility or possibly in customsetting.ini


Can some one give some some pointers on what I'm doing wrong. 







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