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SCCM CB SUP configuration basic questions :(

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Hi all -


As the title asks -

I'm just setting up our SCCM CB environment to control our updates with SUP. Unfortunately, I am trying to do this with assistance from the web while asking what I suspect are the wrong questions. Prepare for a slight ramble that will hopefully aid the questions at the end.

Our SCCM environment is set up as below

1x SCCM Primary Site server (Management, Reporting, Database, and Service Connection roles)

2x SCCM Distribution point (Distribution role only)

1x SCCM Update point (SUP role only - WSUS is configured here) - This server also has Ivanti Patch for SCCM installed, to enable 3rd party updates as well

The GPO setting for the test has the below settings -

Set the intranet update service for detecting updates:</td><td>http://SCCMSITESERVER:8530
Set the intranet statistics server:</td><td>http://SCCMSITESERVER:8530

1st basic question - Should 'SCCMSITESERVER' be the name of the primary site server, or the update point server?

2nd question - On our older WSUS setup, we have targeted groups (testbed, secondary testbed, live part 1, part 2, part 3 - staggered deployment to prevent unforseen issues from occuring) - Can SUP utilise these? Or would a general recommendation be to target specific collections?

I've attached a copy of the update log from the test machine which currently has been pointed at the SUP, but is not able to receive the 2 test updates that have been targeted at it in SCCM. If anyone can see an obvious error for me to investigate, there would be a lot of gratitude thrown that way :) If other log entries are needed to help paint the picture, let me know, and I'll get them for you.


Thank you for any/all advice and assistance!


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