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could you possibly include some details of how you've configured your ADR settings, and what version of SCCM you are testing on, your screenshot isn't showing...

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the SCCM version 1710

the ADR has been created with the following entries and parameters :-

1-      enter name and description

2-      choose the collection

3-      Add to an existing software update group > check enable the deployment after this run

4-      Detail level :only error message

5-      Automatically deploy all software updates found by this rule and approve any license agreement

6-      Search criteria configured to show the latest detention update only  

7-      Run this role on a schedule every day at 5:00 AM (to download the update)> recur every 1 day

8-      Time based : client local time > at specific time :3 Hours  (to start at 8:00 )

9-      Installation dead line (AS soon AS possible )

10-   Hide in software Center and all notification

11-   Generate an alert when rule fails

12-   Download software updates from distribution point and install

13-   Download software updates from distribution point n site default boundary group

14-   Allow clients to share contentment with other clients on the same subnet

15-   Create a new deployment package

16-   \\share folder location \folder contains the updates

17-   Priority :medium

18-   Enable binary differential replication

19-   Select the distribution point (primary site )

20-   Download from the internet

Then all the desired definition updates have been installed in daily bases. And the new deployment job start the deployment at 8:00 AM , half of the Clients received the updates, around 20 devices failed to install the updates (pre install scan failed ) 0X87D00650 , the other devices around 60 devices showing under unknown devices (client check passed active ) but without receiving the updates .








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the error means -

Pre install scan failed

Source: System Center Configuration Manager

start reading this https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3090184/how-to-troubleshoot-software-update-scan-failures-in-system-center-201

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