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OS Deployment Fails - WinPE error?

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Hello, I am a newbie to learning SCCM and I am in a new role. I am asking for help to determine what is failing our Windows 10 OSD Task Sequence.

This task sequence fails and from what I am thinking, the previous SCCM admin was trying something and created a new boot image that in the end is causing failures. The weird thing is that a PC taken out-of-the-box does not fail to load the OSD Deployment, it is whose desktops and  laptops that are re-imaged that fails.

The error code that gets displayed is 0x80070490.  The SMSTS.log is included attached to the thread. 

There is a part of the end of the log where the WinPE boot image starts the PXEboot deployment is not the same WinPE boot image that is used to start the Windows 10 OSD deployment. So my question is whether this is what is failing the OSD deployment?

Thank you all for help and advice.


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Some shots into the blue according to the logs:

To check if the disk driver is missing/required in WinPE try following:

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