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SCCM - updated deployment but nothing happening? have i missed something?

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SCCM2012R2. Limited experience. I have created a package and deployed. It has been successfully deployed to all DP's its a simple MSI file. When I created the package I captured both x86 and x64, however when I deployed I pointed the install at x64.msi thinking that will be sufficient but apparently there are 32 bit machines. 

So, I have now gone back into properties of my application and have added another deployment type and created the X64 variant. I then added requirements and associated each of the install with its O/S architecture. 

I am now expecting this to go out to the 32bit O/S's but noting appears to be happening? As both MSI files were in the original package I didnt think I will need to update push out this change>?

Probably something obvious im not doing....help appreciated.

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If all you did was create a new program, you will not need to update the DPs again.

Since you attempted to I stall the package already, make sure you select "always rerun" when creating the deployment. (this is for troubleshooting, not when you move to large scale production deloyment)

You can check the execmgr.log to see if the matching is trying to run the program.

You can also check the ccmcache folder to make sure the correct files have been downloaded.

Lastly, if you dont want to do any of those, you can recreate the package and program and start over.

(hope this helps..please ignore typos, I'm half sleep)

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Thanks, both MSI were already downloaded just the program wasnt configured to use 32bit as well. It has worked now jsut took longer than anticipated. How often should a client check for changes?

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