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PC Shared Mode - Provisioning Package Error Installing

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I am working in a university and we want to apply PC Shared Mode to about 150 public labs systems.  I have created the ppkg with Windows Configuration designer and will push it out with SCCM once tested.

I am having issues applying it to our labs computers.  I tried installing it with a powershell command please see attachment with command and error it gets.  I also tried installing it within the GUI interface under access your work or school.  Its shows error on the provisioning package please see screenshot.  

I did some investigating online to see if I could generate some  MDM log files and it shows to click on the  the domain account and there should be a info tab but there is no tab there.  I also have a screenshot of this attached as well.

To give you some background information these systems due to the nature of some of the specialized software required we had to install all the software and then use capture media through SCCM.  We had some issues with the microsoft store apps that it couldn't be pre-provisioned for all users when the capture media tired to run sysprep.  So we had to run a powershell script to remove all windows store apps, disable the microsoft store in order to capture the media.  

I am thinking this may have something to do with why the preprovisioned package (PC Shared Mode) will not work.

I know the package works due to the fact I can take the same machine and install another task sequence and it installs without any issues.

Any Help or insight as to how i would fix this issue or obtain log files would be greatly appreicated. I have searched and search online and I cannot find any solutions.

Thank you,









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