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Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy build 1809 to older versions of Windows 10. Look at my image, even with architecture to 64bit it comes up with two results. If I deploy this the one will fail after about an hour and the next one will install successful.

And both is required in the environment. How do I correctly manage this?


Win10 Servicing.png

Untitled picture.png

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Hi Joe,

i was going trough the same scenario with our 1803 upgrade and opened a ticket with Microsoft Support regarding the problem.

You have to make sure that 64Bit Clients will only receive the x64 upgrade package, which is a size optimzed Version. Unfortunately Microsoft did'nt bother to create a sperate optimized x86 file, because they thought it's not worth the effort, since there are not many Windows 10 32 Bit installations out there. So the first file is a combined Installation for both, 32Bit and 64Bit.

Since the ADRs (and SCCM Clients) have no build in logic to deal with this situation i ended up using direct deployments of the x64 file.

By the way. Deploying both files to a x64 client will mess up the boot configuration and produce a blue screen after the first reboot. The second Installation run will usually succeed.

Anyways. Use a direct deployment instead of the ADR for feature updates and you will be fine.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

FML - Microsoft!

The "Architecture" under filters has no purpose in this scenario. I just couldn't figure this out, build updates always failed me, I'm going to test something else today.

I'm using a full "Title" description on the filters now: Feature update to Windows 10 (business editions), version 1809, en-us x64

It only displays the 64bit version which I want.

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