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How do I stop Win 10 from complaining about a lack of internet during first boot?

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Hello everybody,


we have a rather annoying problem with our newly installed Windows 10 clients. Since our company does not allow internet access for clients for security reasons and therefore our domain network does not provide such access, Windows 10 shows a "Connect to a network" dialogue during first boot after completing the OSD TS. Unfortunately this dialogue seems to pause the boot process, so everytime an OSD TS has been completed, someone has to walk over to the client, click "skip", and confirm "yes I really do like my current domain network and want to bloody skip right now!" (well, not extactly what it says, but you probably catch the drift as well as the admin's mood at that moment) before the computer finishes booting and our Config Manager can start installing the user's individual software.

I've tried to find a way to get rid of that dialogue, but so far I haven't found anything that works. I was hoping that disabling active NCIS probing might do the trick, but that turned out to be a dead end as well. Maybe someone here has had that same problem and knows a trick or two. I have attached a screenshot of the dialogue. It's in German, but it should be enough to recognise it.


Any help would be appreciated!


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