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How do i check active client settings with scripting


Hi, I am looking for a way to determine which client settings my SCCM client currently is using.

The context of this question is that I have build a (hybrid) cloud deployment workflow, and as part of the workflow I am triggering several sccm actions. Condition for these actions is that the client has loaded its specific client settings, which are assigned based on a dynamic collection.

I already have checks that the client is listed as member of the collection, but since initial processing of client settings take some time (and incidentally fails the first time which results in the default client settings being loaded) I need a check to determine which client settings are active on the client.

I'd prefer to check it on the client (but am open to alternative possibilities) and to be able to do the check with powershell is a must (since the check if part of a workflow), I cant however seem to find where to find info on the active client settings.

Possible scenarios I have in mind are:

  • When proper client settings are loaded, we have a specific title in software center. If i can find where I can query this title with a script, I can determine the active client settings.
  • If (and i would assume so) there is any info in the SCCM clients WMI space about the processed client settings or software center title, that would be great and easy to check. However I haven't been able to find where in the WMI space there is such info.
  • If SCCM console somewhere in the device info what settings have been processed by the client, I could check that.
  • Least desirable, but if this info is somewhere in the SCCM Database, I can check that.

I hope my question is clear and somebody is able to help me out or give some pointers on where to find detailed info on processed client settings.

Thanks in advance!

[EDIT] I wasnt sure which category to pick, so if "collections" isnt the best option, my apologies :)

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