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SCCM software update and patch inconsistency seen by WSUS

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你好,请问我在SCCM 搜索KB4054518补丁,在WSUS控制台里面能看到,在SCCM里面看不到这KB4054518补丁,我该如何设置操作才能在SCCM看到这个KB4054518补丁呢?还是说取代 和过期的补丁是没办法同步到SCCM?


Hello, may I search for the KB4054518 patch in SCCM, which can be seen in the WSUS console. I can't see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM. How can I set up the operation to see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM? Or is there a way to replace and expire the patch to sync to SCCM?

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Am I reading this right?  You want this one:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4054518/windows-7-update-kb4054518  Which if I'm reading that correctly, is a not-released-on-normal-cadence for Windows 7, for December... 2017.  2 years ago.  48 months ago.  the monthly rollup for Windows 7 has been superseded by a newer one dozens of times.  Are you absolutely SURE that's the one you need?  Why wouldn't you deploy something newer than December, 2017?

Personally, since today (December 10, 2019) is hotfix Tuesday, I'd wait until the latest Windows 7 update is released today--there probably will be one--and download and deploy the latest one later today.

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