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Screensaver timeout

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I have applied a GPO that sets a 45 minute time out and sets the screensaver. Looking at screen saver settings it all looks good. the problem is that 6 minutes later the screen times out and the screen saver comes on. To trouble shoot this I have looked at the power settings and the advanced power settings and made any changes needed to display and sleep settings. I have also regedits for the System unattended sleep timeout and Console lock display off timeout. All changes have not made a difference. At this point I am drawing a blank as to why the screensaver is still timing out at 6 minutes. Any suggestions to find an answer would be helpful.

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Disable the Quick Lock Screen Prompt
One of the issues that I was encountering was that when my screen “timed out” (perhaps trying to go to a screen saver), I was always prompted to log in. While this is a good security setting to have (especially in a workplace), I didn’t want to be prompted all of the time to log in while at home.

When I looked at my settings, there were two things wrong. First, the Screen Saver drop-down menu was actually blank. I’m not sure if this was part of an upgrade, but there was nothing set in the Screen Saver settings. So, I changed that to the Aerial screen saver (but you could use whatever screen saver you want).

Then, I noticed that the “On resume, display logon screen” was checked. This was not something we had actually done so again I was wondering if it was because of a Windows 10 update. I un-checked that and the login prompt went away.

Next, be sure you set the “Wait” setting to whatever you want. We set ours to 1 minutes.

Let me know if this works for you.

Jerry M

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