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Eswar Koneti

Install SCCM 2007 console Via software Distribution

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Today,i have tested the Installation of SCCM console Via software distribution,so thought of sharing with you here.

This requries to have SCCM 2007 setup Media and i have tested this on Windows 7 Machine.


Step 1: Open a note pad file and copy the below syntax ,save it as as console_unattended.cmd in your SMSsetup folder which you can find under configmgr07 setup.

REM Install Console

%~dp0\bin\i386\setup.exe /script %~dp0\console_unattended.ini


Step 2: open another notepad file and copy the below syntax and save it as console_unattended.ini under SMSSETUP as you did above









Where C01 is site My SCCM code and in-cm01 is My SCCM site server name.

Stpe 3: Move onto Pckages node and Right click on PAckages,say Create New package shown below.





click next to provide the SCCM Console sorce path .You can select either UNC path or local drive.




Once this is done,you will see similar kind of window:




Click next, next,next until you see all green boxes shown below:




Once this is done ,update the Distribution Point with thsi Package.


Move to programs node and create a new progam for this package with command line shown below:






Check the properties of the progrma that you have created .


then move onto advertisemnts node--> Create an avdertisement using his package,program and make it avilable to the requested computers (collection).

Note: Creation of advertisemnt is not shown here as there are many guides avilable how to do it.


Hope it helps someone smile.gif

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Great post! Just keep in mind that when you are using MDT and SCCM 2007 R2 on your server and you want the same options on your workstation, you need to install those too. That's why I am using the following batch file:



REM -------------------------------------- 
REM Install Configuration Manager Console 
REM --------------------------------------

%~dp0bin\i386\setup.exe /script %~dp0INSTALL_x64.ini /nouserinput

REM -------------------------------------- 
REM Install Configuration Manager R2
REM --------------------------------------

MSIEXEC /i %~dp0R2\ConfigMgr2007R2.msi /l*v %TEMP%\ConfigMgrR2Install.log /q

REM -------------------------------------- 
REM Install MDT 2010
REM -------------------------------------- 

MSIEXEC /i %~dp0MDT\MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit2010_x64.msi /l*v %TEMP%\MDTInstall.log /q

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also powershell is needed for Windows XP boxes hosting the console (when creating an MDT boot image), anyone got a script for installing that to add to this ?

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Thanks for this post, it's really handy.

I had problems getting the package to download, the client would stall at a certain point in downloading files. It turns out that .LDF files are blocked bt IIS by default, I had to edit the C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config files on the Distribution Points and change–

.ldf allowed ="false" to "true". (The SCCM console source files contain a .LDF file.)

To reduce the size of the package, I copied the SMSSETUP folder and subfolders to another location but left out the WAIK subfolder (saving 1.1GB).

The console still installs fine.

Also depending on the location of the file set, you may have to add quote characters around the path in the batch file if it's location contains spaces. You can omit a backslash too because ~dp0 adds a trailing one. I used:


"%~dp0bin\i386\setup.exe" /script "%~dp0console_unattended.ini"


in console_unattended.cmd



I ran the install succesfully on a Windows XP PC and a Windows 7 x64 PC

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