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  1. Hi all, any known workarounds for the issue where the SCCM agent install will fail over a 4G (LTE) network connection on Windows 10? The client fails (ccmsetup.log) with "use of metered connection not allowed" - it seems the agent is hard-coded not to work over a 4G connection. We logged a Microsoft case but they just said it was a "Design limitation" and might be fixed in the next version of SCCM. We have SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU2 and Windows 10 x64 1511. I'm hoping someone has a workaround for this issue. We have many field staff who's PCs were in-place-upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 via
  2. Hi suspect0, thanks for the reply, but it's the Task Sequence step "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" that doesn't install the CU1 for me. I don't have a separate install step just for the CU1, my understanding is that any update to the SCCM client in a Task Sequence has to be in that step mentioned above otherwise the Task Sequence breaks.
  3. I recently installed R2 SP1 and CU1 on our SCCM system. I can get the SP1 with CU1 update installed to existing clients with a "PATCH=..." switch on the command line for ccmsetup.exe. But I can't get the CU1 patch to install via a Task Sequence. The client ends up with the SP1 version only. I've used various guides to copy the CU1 patch locally and then use a "PATCH=..." property in the "Installation properties" for the "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" step in the Task Sequence. (I had a "PATCH=" property on the TS step working OK on our SCCM 2007 system.) I use the "Access content d
  4. Thanks so much for this tip. I had tried an image recapture with a later capture ISO, but only when I tried matching the local administrator password and re-capturing did the progress bar re-appear.
  5. Thanks for this post, it's really handy. I had problems getting the package to download, the client would stall at a certain point in downloading files. It turns out that .LDF files are blocked bt IIS by default, I had to edit the C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config files on the Distribution Points and change– .ldf allowed ="false" to "true". (The SCCM console source files contain a .LDF file.) To reduce the size of the package, I copied the SMSSETUP folder and subfolders to another location but left out the WAIK subfolder (saving 1.1GB). The console still installs
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