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SCCM MDT UDI custom task sequence problem

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How can MDT UDI obtain this volume information, such as F:\windows(54GB) is the disk number 1
It seems that I did not find the variable disk number name stored in this volume in the MDT variable name
I want to do gui through here to select disk information to format and install the system completely
Choose 1 disk number hard disk, format or start formatting from 0 number.
Suppose the user selects F:\windows(54GB) disk number 1 on the udi interface, and OSDDiskIndex is updated to the corresponding disk number selected instead of starting from the default disk number 0
The key point is that this udi choice depends on the user, so I can't specify a fixed disk number to update the OSDDiskIndex value, I wonder if there is any way to achieve this for MDT UDI?


请问 MDT UDI  如何获取这个 volume 信息,如 F:\windows(54GB)是磁盘编号1
貌似我在MDT变量名称没找到这个volume 所存储的变量磁盘编号名称
假设用户在udi界面 选择 F:\windows(54GB)磁盘编号为1,OSDDiskIndex就更新为所选择对应磁盘编号,而不是从默认磁盘编号0开始
重点在于这个udi选择取决与用户 所以我无法指定固定磁盘编号来更新OSDDiskIndex值,不知道 MDT UDI 这个有没什么方法可以实现吗?


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