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Autologon.exe task sequence SCCM2012r2

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Hello everybody



I'm new to sccm and I try to deploy a task sequence to autologon Windows 10 1909Enterprise.

the deployment (in Workgroup) is good but when i add a task sequence for the autologon.exe sysinternal tool it doesn't work. I have followed a tuto from justdeployit about this tool


I create a package with no program and distribute it to the distribution points: and I add a command line (like from the tuto from deployit", but finally it doesn't work! can you help me? Or if you know another trick to achieve the autologin? 



and the error in deployment



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hi and welcome, first i'd recommend you use the Current Branch release of ConfiMgr, today that would be anything from version 2006 and later (you install the baseline version first CM2002) then upgrade.

next, your error 0x8007052e translates to "

The user name or password is incorrect.

Source: Windows


so you should verify you are settings the username/password correctly





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Hi Anyweb,

I m sur of the password , i have made another test and no autologon when the pc reboot

the details about the task no error at the end of the task sequence.



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