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Source Hierarchy Migration to new domain.

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Sorry this is a duplicate post as I mistakenly posted in the CM2012 forum. 

I am currently doing a source hierarchy migration from 2002CB to 2002Cb in 1 forest trust with 2 domains. I done in a way so that the new site server mirrors the old one as much as possible. Apart from the server OS which is 2016 as opposed to 2012 in the old environment.

What I am trying to achieve is a solution which isn’t going to cause too much downtime for the client as they have 3000 devices to service through MECM and want to do it with the least amount of downtime possible.

I am at the point where the source hierarchy is now migrated and I am using the ConfigMgr content source update tool to point and copy binaries to the new location which is currently in progress.

If I was to create a new DP against the new site code, as the new site server can see the source site server (on the same subnet) could I make use of the pull distribution point to effectively stage the content from others DPs to my new DP and then once I have tested content from this new DP with a client I can slowly decommission the old DPs. Would that a workable option?

There are 4 DPs in the source and I can see they are all eligible for re-assignment however my question is if those servers sit in the old domain but I need to move those servers in the new domain. What would be the best approach? 

I assume the only way would be to recreate those DPs in the new domain against the new site code? Is there a way to migrate DPs from source to new destination DP or is it case of introducing the new DPs in the destination hierarchy and then just ensure they have the DP role and then ensure the content is populated onto that DP before the old is decommissioned? 

Also currently the old DPs are serving PXE for OSD deployment so I believe before that is done the DHCP or switch helpers will need to point to the new DPs so that process can continue, would that be correct?

I look forward to any responses.

Thank you


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