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Rooms & equipment vs Microsoft 365 group calender

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Hey Folks, 

I've been pondering some time what is the best method to create a shared calendar for conference rooms. I have been utilizing the Resources > 'Rooms & Equipment' from the Admin portal. But recently, I was wanting to add the conference room calendars to the Intranet sharepoint site. It appears you can not do so from the Resource section. 

Versus if you create a conference room from Microsoft 365 groups, then you can use the "Group calendar" within sharepoint and choose the specific conference rooms from there.  Also, you would be able to make that group a dynamic group, so it would automatically add the members to the group. 

I just wanted to get some of your opinions what you guys think. The big win for me is utilizing the dynamic group to add to the calendar vs always have to add / remove members to the Resources rooms manually. 

My take and please correct me if i'm wrong. 


Rooms & Equipment Negative: 

  • Can not dynamically add members to the calendar for permissions. 
  • Can not add calendar to the Sharepoint site (company intranet).


  • Easy and fast to use ( I just wanted to put something in pro for this, but can't really think of one)


Microsoft 365 Group Negative: 

  • I do not like how the group would now show under TEAMs


  • You can create dynamic users to automatically add members for permission to calendar
  • Can be displayed in Sharepoint 'Group Calendar' 


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