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Step 18. Create an install CD

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Step 18


This guide assumes that you have first completed the following 17 steps in the order listed below.


Create an OSD capture CD and then captured a Vista image (wim). Next you should have imported that captured Vista image into BDD, and then updated BDD with your Windows PE and XP OS files. You should then have created a new build in BDD for the captured WIM image. You should then have created and updated the BDD Deployment point (OSD/ZTI) and then updated Windows PE to support WMI. In addition, you must have imported the captured Vista WIM file into SMS and then created an OS Deploy Program. Update the SMS distribution points and then Copy driver resources for SMS packaging. Next you need to create a package in SMS from the drivers resources, and add the driver resources to a SMS distribution point and then Update the SMS distribution point. Edit the customsettings.ini and bootstrap.ini files. Update each OSD phase with BDD ZTI scripts and files. Copy osdshell.lab.exe to osdshell.exe.



In the SMS administrator console, select Image packages in the left pane, and right click it, choose all tasks and select Create Operating System Image Installation CD.




This will start the Operating System Image Installation CD Wizard.




When you get the installation settings screen, you might want to remove the tick box from


Allow installation of Operating System Packages from a location provided by the local computer installer


Allow the local computer installer to choose the name of the new computer.


In addition, please select automatically choose the operating system package to install by running a custom program or script




Then select the OS package (Windows Vista Enterprise) that you want the CD to support




followed by the script location/name from your SMS package ID folder using the ZeroTouchInstallation.vbs script with the /debug:true switch (helpful for logs)]




Next we have the option to add drivers to the cd for Network and Storage (raid/sata/etc)




then we give the CD a name




and this will create an ISO file for us to burn CD's from.





when it's done we can burn the ISO to a CD and use it to boot bare metal machines to carry out Zero Touch installations.





And that's it, congratulations if you got this far, you have now completed my 18 Step Zero Touch Guide.


If it didn't work as expected then I'd advise you to check and re-check everything from start to finish, particularly Step 16. If you have any questions then please post them in the Zero Touch forums @ windows-noob.com





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