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Virtual Application will not load on client computer


Hello Everyone,


I have installed the App-V server on a Virtual server running Windows 2008 R2. I have the Sequencer running on a Virtual Windows XP machine and I have the Client installed on a Windows XP laptop. So far this is my issue, the client laptop sees the virtual application, but when I try to load it I get the attached error (client error). I just wanted to do a test run so I created the application just like the guy did in this video. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ff420327. The package was created and I imported it over to the App-V server no problem. Below is the sftlog file from today when I turned the computer on. Thanks in advance.



Here is the sftlog file.




[07/18/2011 07:30:52:562 SRVC WRN] {tid=B8C}


Initialized client log (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\sftlog.txt)



[07/18/2011 07:30:52:859 ???? INF] {tid=B8C}

App-V filter loaded.



[07/18/2011 07:30:53:250 VSCM INF] {tid=B8C}

Starting Virtual Service Control Manager.



[07/18/2011 07:30:54:531 JGSW INF] {tid=B8C}

The Application Virtualization file system was initialized successfully.



[07/18/2011 07:30:54:796 INTF WRN] {tid=B8C}

The Application Virtualization Client Core initialized correctly.

Installed Product:

Microsoft Application Virtualization Desktop Client


Install Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client

Global Data Directory: C:\AppVGlobalData\

Machine Name:


Operating System: Windows XP Professional 32-bit Service Pack 3.0 Build 2600

OSD Command:



[07/18/2011 07:30:54:859 SRVC INF] {tid=B8C}

---- The Application Virtualization Client Service version has started ----



[07/18/2011 07:33:36:572 SWAP WRN] {tid=B94:usr=mathewse}

Could not load OSD file D:\Content\DefaultApp.osd



[07/18/2011 07:33:36:604 AMGR INF] {tid=B94:usr=mathewse}

The app manager could not create an application from 'D:\Content\DefaultApp.osd' (rc 0C405564-00000015).



[07/18/2011 07:36:38:743 JGSW ERR] {hap=3:app=XML Notepad 2007}

The Application Virtualization Client could not connect to stream URL 'RTSP://STLCORPVAPP1:554/D/Content/XMLNotepad/XMLNotepad.sft' (rc 1690140A-20000194, original rc 1690140A-20000194).



[07/18/2011 07:36:38:789 SWAP ERR] {hap=3:app=XML Notepad 2007}

The client was unable to connect to an Application Virtualization Server (rc 1690140A-20000194)



[07/18/2011 07:36:39:616 TRAY ERR] {tid=B94:usr=mathewse}

The Application Virtualization Client could not launch XML Notepad 2007


The package requested could not be found in the system data store or the files associated with this package could not be found on the server. Report the following error code to your System Administrator.


Error code: 4615186-1690140A-20000194






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