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help with blank report problem

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Hi all, I am running into a weird problem with the Reporting feature in SCCM. When I try to run a report, I can only see certain reports and not all of them. The ones that I couldn't see is showing a blank page. I've already verified the following:


• gave my domain account ‘read’ rights on ‘All Instances’ of the ‘Report’ class

• gave my domain account ‘read’ rights on ‘All Instances’ of the ‘Status Messages’ class

• added my domain account to the ‘SMS Reporting Users’ local group on the sccm server which had the Reporting Point Site System Role installed on


Even with read / write / delete / administer rights on All Instances of the Report class and Status Messages class, it still didn't fix the problem.


For example, I was able to run and saw the report of “Computers with a specific amount of memory” no problem. But I could only see a blank page when I ran the report for “Computer information for a specific computer”. I have tested with other reports and produced similar result, some I could see and some I couldn’t.


I’ve also noticed that when I create a Dashboard report, under the “Select Report” tab, it says I can only select reports that I have Read access to and that do not have prompts. I’m certain that I already have Read access to all instances of Reports/Status Messages class, yet this list is not 100% complete compare to all the SCCM Reports that I am supposed to see.


any suggestion?

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