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E-mail Alerts to Delegated Users

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I am having an extremely frustrating issue with Forefront 2010 integrated on SCCM 2007 R3, i have set up e-mail alerts and would like these alerts to be sent to our computer technicians. My alert structure is setup as follows:




- #Location Based collections

- School Abbreviation (ie. WDCS)

(I have about 40 of these abbreviated school names)


User Accounts:


- SCCM Admins:


- All Rights


- IT Techs - Contains computer technician (delegated users)


- Class: Collection, Permissions: Read, Use Remote Tools, Read Resource

- Class: Package, Permissions: Read

- Class: Advertisement, Permissions: Read

- Class: Status Message, Permissions: Read

- Class: Site, Permissions: Read

- Class: Query, Permissions: Read, Modify, Create

- Class: Report, Permissions: Read


Anyone who is a memaber of SCCM Admins is successfully recieving e-mail notifications from forefront, however anyone in the IT techs group is not. If i send a test e-mail it sends to all users regardless of group memberhip. This is leading me to believe that member of the it techs group simply do no thave required permissions to recieve forefront email notifications regarding malware outbreaks even though they have read permissions on class: report.


Does anyone have any suggestions, is there any further information that i can provide?



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The information in the above article pointed out the issue to me. You may not have an email alert set on both the parent and child collection. I had an alert set on the parent collection emailing to all admins and each subsequent alert on each school was emailing to the technician responsible for that school. I have now set it up such that the email alerts are configured on each school and admins are on the email list for each alert but only the techs responsible for each school are listed with them.

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