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Disable software installation at SCCM Client




I found this forum some weeks ago and it helped me a lot with my SCCM environment! Thanks you!


Now my question,


we are using SCCM 2007 R2 on a Win2003 server. We roll out SCCM client to all pcs and notebooks. Now we want to deploy it to our server, too.

I will use it for software and hardware inventory but will be sure that it isn't possible to install software by sccm client.

Is there an option or an registry key which I can use to forbidden installation software by sccm client?


Thanks and regards



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I cant find a point which looks right to disable just software deployment, isnt it?


here is the code:


instance of CCM_RemoteToolsConfig


PolicyID = "{GUID value}";

PolicyVersion = "x";

PolicySource = "SMS:AAA";

PolicyRuleID = "{GUID Value}";

PolicyInstanceID = "{GUID value}";

Enabled = TRUE;

ComponentName = "SmsRemoteTools";

Type = 1;

RemoteToolsEnabled = TRUE;

AllowChat = TRUE;

AllowClientChange = FALSE;

AllowFileTransfer = TRUE;

AllowReboot = TRUE;

AllowRemoteExecute = TRUE;

AllowTakeover = TRUE;

AllowViewConfiguration = TRUE;

AlwaysVisible = FALSE;

AudibleSignal = TRUE;

CompressionType = 2;

ControlLevel = 2;

DefaultProtocol = "TCP/IP";

IndicatorType = 0;

PermissionRequired = 1;


VisibleSignal = TRUE;

DisableToolsOnXP = TRUE;

ManageRA = TRUE;

EnableRA = TRUE;

AllowRAUnsolicitedView = TRUE;

AllowRAUnsolicitedControl = TRUE;

ManageTS = FALSE;

EnableTS = FALSE;

EnforceRAandTSSettings = TRUE;

PermittedViewers = NULL;




best regards



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Hi Staudi,


the mof file should look like this



#pragma namespace("\\\\.\\root\\ccm\\policy\\machine\\requestedconfig")


instance of CCM_SoftwareDistributionClientConfig


SiteSettingsKey = 1;

PolicySource = "Local";

//override only this property, all others from the Site/Management Point


Enabled = FALSE;


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