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TechNet Webcast: Group Policy (Part 1 of 2): Best Practices and Tips and Tricks (Level 200)

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Event ID: 1032271724

Language(s): English.

Product(s): Windows Server.

Audience(s): IT Generalist.



This webcast is a compilation of lessons learned, grounded in real customer experience in deploying and using Group Policy.

With guidance from Microsoft Consulting, Product Support, and customers themselves, this webcast provides new perspectives on how you can deploy and manage Group Policy effectively.

It covers both tried-and-tested best practices, and the occasionally obscure but invaluable snippet that might just save your day!

Presenter: Matt Hester, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

Matt Hester is a TechNet Presenter on the Microsoft Seminar Sales Team (SST). Previously Matt was a Messaging and Collaboration Technology Specialist.

Matt has several years' experience with Microsoft core infrastructures products (Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, etc.) and is a Microsoft Exchange Server Insider.

He has additional expertise in the business value of technology including using Meta and Gartner tools.

Register now to view this on-demand webcast, download a .wmv of the webcast, and download a copy of the presentation. You will be directed to the on-demand webcast and also shortly receive a confirmation email with links to the downloads.

View other sessions fromGroup Policy: Explore Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts.

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