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  1. For those not familiar with the Security Compliance Manager, SCM is a free tool from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team that enables you to quickly configure and manage your computers, traditional data center, and private cloud using Group Policy and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. In addition to Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3, Office 2010 SP1, and Internet Explorer 8, SCM 2.5 now offer additional baselines for Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010. Updated configuration baselines now include Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, , Windows XP SP3, Mic
  2. Event ID: 1032271726 Language(s): English. Product(s): Windows Server. Audience(s): IT Generalist. In addition to the release in 2003 of the Group Policy Management Console, many tools and utilities are available to support the administrator in planning, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Group Policy. This webcast covers a number of these important tools that can greatly improve your efficiency in deploying and managing Group Policy over time. It includes demonstrations of a number of these tools, as well as brief descriptions and pointers to non-Microsoft tools
  3. Event ID: 1032271724 Language(s): English. Product(s): Windows Server. Audience(s): IT Generalist. This webcast is a compilation of lessons learned, grounded in real customer experience in deploying and using Group Policy. With guidance from Microsoft Consulting, Product Support, and customers themselves, this webcast provides new perspectives on how you can deploy and manage Group Policy effectively. It covers both tried-and-tested best practices, and the occasionally obscure but invaluable snippet that might just save your day! Presenter: Matt Hester, TechNet Presenter
  4. Microsoft Enterprise Product Roadmap Webcast Event ID: 1032500777 Starts: Friday, January 20, 2012 1:00 PM Time zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Duration: 1 hour(s) Please join us for a high level discussion into Microsoft software investments designed to cover most of the major product lines. This will be a 35,000 foot view into the following areas: Windows Family Virtualization Office System Unified Communications IT Management Security https://msevents.mic...7&culture=en-US
  5. TechNet Webcast: Information about Microsoft Security Bulletins for January (Level 200) Event ID: 1032499498 Language(s): English. Product(s): computer security and information security. Audience(s): IT Decision Maker and IT Generalist. Join us for a brief overview of the technical details of this month's Microsoft security bulletins. We intend to address your concerns in this webcast. Therefore, Microsoft security experts devote most of this webcast to answering the questions that you ask. Presented By: Pete Voss, Senior Respons
  6. In a blog post a couple of days ago on the Windows Team blog Roger Capriotti, Director, Internet Explorer Marketing wrote on the Internet Explorer side about "The US Says Goodbye to IE6". That’s great, good news! Very nice work with The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown. Here in Sweden we are down to 0.4%. But why do 7.33% (acording to Netmarketshare) of all people on the Internet use Internet Explorer 6 in 2012? In December 2011 the number was 7.7%, so after all we are on the right track. Internet Explorer 6 is 10 years old! I’m not a security freak, but I
  7. Hi, what are the FEP installation say? If you look at the Site server properties in SCCM, the General tab, does it say R2 = Yes?
  8. If you need any help with the script just post a question here and I try to help you.
  9. Where on the server are your images? If you have made an share like \\yourserver\packages$ and then have the images in a folder called images in a folder called osd then you can use \\yourserver\packages$\osd\images as the path.
  10. Are you sure that you have configured It like on the other server? Is the new server x64? Is the driver x64?
  11. Hi, I'm new member here, but have been reading the forum for a while. If you need a news poster I can help. Reads a lot of news every day, most about Deploying and Scripting (PowerShell)
  12. Hi, If you know that your computers are on all the time then you can have the script on an admin computer or server and make only one schedule. As long as your computers firewalls or policys in any way doesent probit that you access your computers from another computer like \\computer\c$\pathtofiletodelete. If you don't like to create schedule tasks for every computers you can make a script that you run with a group policy when your computers starts and If it's the right day of the month the file is deleted. If you want to use schedule tasks then I think you should deploy them wit
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