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SCCM 2007 PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

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Hi there, I'm pretty new to SCCM so this might be an easy problem. A couple of days ago our Operating System Deployment stopped working. The first sign of that something was wrong was that the WDS service couldn't be restarted. It hung. Even after a reboot of the entire server the service was still not running.


After a lot of troubleshooting we also noticed that the image-folders under RemoteInstall\SMSBoot\x64 and RemoteInstal\SMSBoot\x86 were empty. I then got some advice that I should delete the PXE role in SCCM and re-install the WDS service in Windows. So I did:


1) Removed PXE role.

2) Uninstalled WDS.

3) Reboot.

4) Finalize uninstall.

5) Reboot again.

6) Renamed the folder "RemoteInstall".

7) Installed WDS.

8) Rebooted.

9) Added the PXE Role.

10) Rebooted.


This i have done twice, the main issue is still there, the folders are still empty. when I try to deploy a PC I just get the error: "PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent". The client recieves an IP from the DHCP but there is no boot-image.


In the logfile: pxeMSI.log.LastError i found the following row:


"MSI (s) (B0:00) [10:50:25:911]: Windows Installer removed the product. Product Name: SMS PXE Service Point. Product Version: 4.00.6487.2000. Product Language: 1033. Removal success or error status: 0."


In the logfile: pxeMSI.log i found the following rows:



Property(S): UserExitDialog_Title = Setup Aborted

Property(S): UserExitDialog_SubTitle = Setup was cancelled

Property(S): UserExitDialog_Info = The SMS PXE Service Point setup was cancelled.


Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_Title = Setup Aborted


Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_SubTitle = Setup failed

Property(S): InstallErrorDialog_Info = Setup encountered an error and could not continue.


I have also attached PXESetup.log.


Any suggestions and/or pointers would be greatly appreciated.






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You'll need to redistrubute the boot images to the distribution point(s). Expand System Center Configuration Manager > Computer Management > Operating System Deployment > Boot Images


Do the next step to only one boot image at a time. You MUST wait for it to finish before moving on to the next image.


Right click the first boot image, check to make sure you have the correct distribution point(s) by selecting Manage Distribution Points, if they are there, right click the boot image again and select Update Distribution Points. Expand the boot image > Package Status > Package Status. Now click on your site name to see the status, right click on your site name and select refresh. Do this every couple of minutes until you see Installed and the current date. Once you see that you can move on to the next boot image and repeat the process.


Once all of the boot images have been done, using the above process, you should be good to go.

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