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Can SCCM download a single image out of a multi-image WIM file during OSD ?

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I have a 50GB WIM file containing multiple Win7 images. Is there a way to have SCCM only download one particular image during OSD, and not the entire WIM file?


Here is my problem: The machines I’m planning to image come with 160GB disks (actual size is 149 GB).

The image I want to apply to them is 23GB and expands to 60GB. The last step in my Task Sequence is to perform a complete local backup using WBADMIN.

So in the task sequence I define 2 partitions: C: - 89GB and D: - 60GB, apply the OS to C:, do some housekeeping, and then run WBADMIN to do a backup of C: to D.


This works well when I use the 23GB capture WIM file. But when I use the 50GB WIM file into which I merged several images, there is no longer enough space to hold the 60 GB backup partition + the 50GB WIM file + the 60 GB to which the image expands on C:.





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