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Office Installation Failure through MDT

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First I'd like to say thanks for this site. It has been incredibly helpful and has been a blessing.


I'm running MDT 2010 update 1 and I'm having an intermittent but relatively consistent issue when trying to deploy Office 2010 and 2007. I have a base Windows 7 image deployed and an install applicaiton task sequence for the Office product. Sometimes the Office installation fails (other applications install fine) and I get an unexpected return code 20 on the LTI summary page.


The application install log file shows the following:


LIS failed to cache download "{90140000-0011-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}-C" resource "ProPsWW.cab". Cache Error 0x80070040

Source Resolution aborted

Error: LIS: Failed to cache download "{90140000-0011-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}-C" resource "ProPsWW.cab". Type: 20::FileNotFound.


What I see in the Window7 app log is that Office get's installed...then errors, then uninstalls itself.


In the deployment share, ProPsWW.cab is in the appropriate spot with the appropriate permissions. Again, sometimes the install works, sometimes it doesn't.


I created an Application Install only Task Sequence...and with this...sometimes it works, sometimes it errors out with the same reason as mentioned above.


I believe when MDT/LTI goes through the deployment process it copies the applications files over to the MSOcache. Are some files not properly copied over? Do I even have the correct understanding?


Any help would be very appreciated.



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sounds like corrupted import media to me...

I assume youve run the office tool setup.exe /admin to output an msp file..?


if you did you should kick off the command line setup.exe /adminfile mymsp.msp

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Similar kind of issue happened when i was deploying the windows XP sp3. Thought the files were there is deployment share, the error popped up saying that the files were missing. the solution to this is change the media and get a new one or delete the OS folder from deploymentshare/operating system and import it again.

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