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Hi guys,


We're looking at spinning up App-v in our environment to handle some finnicky Office 32-bit addins that we use for some line of business applications in my organization.


My question : we've already got a working SCCM 2007 infrastructure, with SQL server and everything in place; is it possible to install App-V on a separate VM or even the same VM with SCCM and store the database for App-V in a separate instance on the same SQL server? Is this a bad idea?


Also, how big of a deal is it to setup App-v? I'm intrigued by the idea and would love to experiment with some additional Microsoft products, especially since we have the all-you-can-eat licensing agreement as it is.



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Thanks for the quick reply Peter!


We have SCCM R3 installed. How can I create App-V packages for it?


Do you have any good information on enabling the App-V role?


Nevermind, I just found all of your posts under the SCCM\AppV area.

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