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SCCM Updates (only if condition/flag is true)

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scottmj    0

Hi all,


I'm currently looking for a way to (more) automate the patching and restarting of my servers.


Currently I am happily making Collections, and deploying updates to them. I am making the updates available but not setting deadlines. This is because I have to confirm a full C: Drive/System State backup has been done before I can install the updates. Currently these backups are a manual process I will be also looking to automate. If I can get SCCM to detect the backup has been done, I want to to then go ahead and install the updates. I can come along a little later and check the server/s to make sure things are running as they should be.


So, yeh, I am looking for a way to get SCCM to confirm that the backup has been done (i.e. I could create a text file/flag of some sort) and only then would it install the pre-configured updates.


I have a few different people whoh could script some vb/powershell stuff for me so if that is what it would take I am happy to hear it.... I just need pointing in the right direction.




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cotagag    0

Hello Matt,


Jst an idea. Why wouldn't you use the SCCM default functionality for your scope?

For eaxample add a new condition to the collection which contains all your targets. Add a query which will allow targets to that collection only if they meet an additional condition (your flag). You could gather the information about your flag with software or hardware inventory.

You could force a software/hardware inventory execution on your collection containing all your target servers before starting the deployment of updates.


Hope this gives you some ideas.


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If you make them available to the clients, you should be able to create a custom task sequence, run a script that either starts the backup or check that it is completed, and then use the builtin "Install Software Updates" step after that. Then the updates would install.

Then you could also a make a condition so that if the backup check fails, e-mails you or whatever you would like.


I could see that working..




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